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Professional Service Marketplace Application​

Professional Service Marketplace Application​

Professional Service Marketplace Application

Amplify Your Persona, Network Better With A Purpose, Promote Your Services, Ask Questions and Get Latest Updates…Unified experience at your fingertips

Where professional platforms like LinkedIn stops, MplifyMe starts…MplifyMe is a multi-platform application available as both, a smartphone application and as a web application putting individuals and entities in charge of how they can leverage this next-gen platform to amplify their personas.

Australian fintech company xEnabler has helped MplifyMe do market analysis, wireframing, designing, and developing the application aiming to address the disjointed and limited solution that exists in professional and business services space. Using the data learning models, the team has engineered a unique algorithm to provide relevant content and services which appears to be a big gap with other popular platforms(s).

What's MplifyMe?

Now that the basic structure and functions of MplifyMe are clear, here is the crux of it all:

“A platform built for individuals, professionals, and businesses to help them connect and amplify their respective personas.”

Put simplistically, MplifyMe is made for

  • individuals who are looking to amplify their professional personas
  • professional service providers who are looking to digitise their offering for a global reach (lesson learned from the recent pandemic that shows the digital business are more resilient)
  • businesses who are looking to amplify their operations and benefit from economy of scale

How Does MplifyMe Work for Individuals?

Individuals who wish to benefit from the MplifyMe platform can expect numerous benefits and features, including coaching from world-class mentors who have seen it all and done it all, and training sessions from the greatest minds who come from all corners of the globe. Plus, they will have opportunities for realtime networking with like-minded individuals, professionals, businesses, and mentors.

Co-founder Vipul Giri believes that in today’s marketplace, adding value is key to the organisation’s success, and coaching has never been more necessary than now and into the future. Like sports coaching, which is the best example of producing world-class players and athletes, professional coaching is essential (if not mandatory) for individuals to achieve their full potential within a range of areas.

Successful coaching adds value to employees, who then add value to their organisations by giving their best. Employees want to be happy, productive and innovative, and coaching creates an environment where all this can happen.

Individuals can also join events curated by businesses and professionals, paying for those events directly from the application, and getting access to the latest news in their respective professional fields directly from those responsible for it.

How MplifyMe works for Professionals and Businesses

Professionals and Businesses receive the greatest benefit with the help of MplifyMe. To amplify their consumer reach, MplifyMe allows them to create a global presence among the professionals and communities that matter to them the most, without spending a fortune.

Prakash Goswami (Investor & Co-founder) came up with the idea i.e., Alibaba like platform for Professionals when reminiscing about how hard it was to find a global professional services platform that seamlessly connects with the consumers.

Businesses can publish services and offers to sell them directly from the platform. They can connect with their target audience in a seamless, cost-effective manner. MplifyMe provides them with a new and effective sales channel for professionals and businesses to sell services and solutions to relevant markets.

Why MplifyMe?

If there is still any shred of doubt as to the perks of joining MplifyMe, here is the final nudge toward well-balanced professional growth. By joining MplifyMe, individuals and businesses will get a range of curated professional services. These include reviews and feedback, relevant services in one place, relevant curated content, high sales lead conversion, and a global audience reach with minimal marketing spending.

Problems MplifyMe Solves

The three major reasons for the development of MplifyMe were:

  • A lack of professional services marketplaces. To provide professionals and businesses with a unified platform to connect with like-minded individuals and to offer and sell services based on the strengths, experience, and expertise of professionals on the platform.
  • Segmented user experiences. Suppose one has to find a mentor or a lawyer or a health practitioner or a financial planner. In that case, it is very difficult for them to do so using existing professional platforms.

  • A unified global platform. Any currently available professional platform fails to cater to the needs of all businesses. They specialise in specific markets and only cater to the needs of specific paths. MplifyMe is built for professionals and businesses to scale and amplify their audience reach regardless of the nature of profession and path.


With MplifyMe, one can amplify their persona to become their “best self”!

Do you have an idea and looking for the best development team? Our process of “Simplify. Align. Enable.” can turn your complex, high-maintenance IT products into IT assets that are simple to manage, aligned with your business goals, and enables you to stay ahead in the competition.

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