The advent of digital technologies has completely transformed traditional product engineering, bringing in newer ways of building high-quality products faster. Transformation in technology has now become a phenomenon. Today’s innovation becomes obsolete tomorrow!
So let’s raise this simple question, what is Product Engineering?
Product engineering service can be defined as an engineering consulting activity, which uses various hardware, embedded, software and IT solutions for the designing and development of products – as simple as that!
And now, what does xEnabler offer in this domain?
Well, pretty much everything, at a top-notch quality! We work as your transformation partner to drive innovation through customised technology solutions. Whether you wish to scale or explore new markets; we have expertise in mobile, UI design, AI, machine learning, web and IoT to create smart, secure and connected experiences for your users and employees, and drive the results you desire seamlessly.
What Product Engineering Services do we offer?
HPSE & DevOps:
A set of practices that combines high-performance software development and information-technology operations which aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.
Cloud Migration:
A process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment to enable unlimited scaling and always available architecture.
Technology Consultancy:
An activity that focuses on advising your organization on how best to leverage information technology in achieving and driving ahead of business objectives.
Quality Engineering:
A discipline of engineering concerned with the principles and practice of product and service quality assurance and control.
How do we do it?
You can rely on our expert team of developers, testers, engineers, designers and data scientists to design high quality, result-oriented solutions tailored to meet your business objectives. Enable the next generation of your business and experience unparalleled growth powered by an agile technology framework:
Design & Prototype:
After finalizing a concept, we bring it to life by creating engineered designs. We prototype ideas such that any idea can be evaluated early in the process, allowing a lean product development process.
Agile Development:
The next phase is about developing and assembling the product. We follow agile development to make sure that solutions are always aligned to changing requirements and business landscape.
Any developed product goes through stringent quality checks to validate if it is fault-free and can be used as intended. We use state of the art methods such as A/B testing, automation, and stress testing to make sure systems are tested for real-life scenarios.
Once the product is developed, we then release into your hands to open it in the market. A continuous delivery approach ensures that deliveries keep up with continuous demands of the market.
After getting your and market feedback, we further improve that product to its highest quality.
At xEnabler, we work on adding the highest possible value into your product, through functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, and sustainability. As your engineering partner, we integrate value engineering strategies across the entire development chain, optimizing your product’s design; from functionality to assembly, controlling costs to enhancing development value, and production to supply chains.
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