New technologies are helping many industries succeed, including the agriculture industry! Modern technologies help manage various aspects of farming operations to make day-to-day life easier and efficient. Farmer’s to-do lists are constantly growing with great pressure to increase productivity, so any help to minimise work time and maximum results are highly desirable.
Keep reading to find out more about technologies that are helping the agriculture industry!
Automated Agriculture
Automation is a critical part of technological advances – and is being used in farms around the world. Systems can be implemented that can feed, monitor and harvest crops, from the seeds all the way to the sale. Automation integrates the capabilities of sensors, computers, feeding mechanisms and robots to create a self-sustaining system This reduces the need for human interactions saving precious time and costs.
Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)​
RFID is a technology that employs radio waves to gather information that is tagged to an object. The functions are similar to a bar code but are more efficient especially in a farm setting. For example, they can read invisibly from several feet away in the dirt. RFID can also be reprogrammed, hold large amounts of data with information such as date & time and location. Implementing RFID into farming allows for efficient traceability, fewer human errors, and increases customer trust and loyalty by allowing them to trace the origin of purchased products.
Livestock Tracking Software ​
Various location-based tracking software can be implemented to provide essential data. For example, tracking individual cattle’s movements can help farmers identify ill or injured livestock while also improving traceability.
Remote Monitoring​
Remote monitoring systems can save farmers time and effort by providing instant feedback and responses for critical tasks. For example, farmers can now monitor various things such as livestock water points, water troughs and tanks over an app on their mobile phone, allowing them to prioritise other tasks without manually checking. Alerts can also be set up for any issues; therefore, problems can be addressed quickly.
Unfortunately, theft is quite common in the agriculture industry. However, remote security systems can help increase security to reduce theft! They can also notify farmers when sensors are set off by sending a video or photo directly to their mobile devices allowing for a prompt response.

To conclude, more technologies are being introduced into the agriculture industry every day, with so many possibilities for the future. If you are in the industry and have some ideas on how to better improve your business feel free to contact us so we can help!

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