Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are new technologies that are immensely growing at a rapidly fast rate. Implementation of these technologies allows for innovation and a competitive advantage over competitors, which every business desires! One beneficial use of AI/ML is implementing these technologies into your mobile app. Many companies have already been taking advantage of the many benefits AI and ML can provide to their apps.
Keep reading to understand these technologies and how they can benefit you and your app.

First things first, what is AI and ML?

There are various definitions of AI and ML, some which are quite complex; to put things into simpler terms AI can be understood as the incorporation of human intelligence into machines. Whereas machine learning is essentially a subset of AI; the idea is to teach machines how to make decisions and predictions based on provided data and algorithms.
Why implement AI/ML in a mobile application?
1. Personalisation
Personalisation allows for customers to be sent various messages or recommendations based on their individual needs. This in turn generates higher profits, response rates and customer satisfaction. AI and ML can use data to customise your app content to match your customers preferences. Additionally, AI and ML learn from previous customer interactions which can improve the accuracy of future customer predictions. This allows for an increased perceived value for your customers leading to customer retention and a loyal user base.  
2. User Experience

AI and ML allows for a more seamless user experience for mobile applications. For example:

  • Problem solving: Allows for problems to be solved quickly (eg. directional apps providing alternative routes due to disruptions.)
  • Search Engines: Enhances search engines in your app to produce better results for your users, saving them time by prioritising relevant results.
  • Engagement: Provides engaging content for your users, making your app more fun and entertaining to use.
3. Understanding Consumer Behaviour
AR and VR allows for a mixture of the digital and physical world giving the customer the best of two worlds. AR/VR banking expands the opportunities an interface can provide, bringing the customer a revolutionary banking experience. This allows for the customer to feel more connected to the organisation due to having a physical component. While both AR/VR both still have some technological challenges, there is an opportunity to transform the customer experience for the better.
4. Security

For your customer: A concern with new technologies is security. However, AI and ML can actually add extra security for your consumers. Secure app authentications and verification can be set up for your app in ways such as fingerprints and facial recognition. This is especially important for any apps with sensitive information such as banking applications. Giving your customers a sense of privacy and security is a crucial part of obtaining a loyal user base.

For you: Fraud is a significant worry for any business. Machine learning can help alleviate this concern by analysing data for various frauds such as credit card fraud. One less thing to worry about!

How to implement?
Based on the above, there are a few different ways AI and ML can be implemented into your mobile app.
  1. Behavioural: Learn how users behave to understand consumer behaviour and improve security by detecting any unusual activity.
  2. Recommendation: Focus on personalisation and customer experience.
  3. Reasoning: Take advantage of AI’s “thinking” capacities and use it to find solutions to real time problems quickly and efficiently.
Depending on your business and goals you can implement one all or a mixture of these into your app.
How we can help?​
We are here to help your business and be with you every step of the way. Your goals are our goals, we will work with you for fast and effective innovation for your company. Allow us to take care of the “tech-stuff”, while you focus on your end goal and desired results.
Contact Android App Development Agencies now for a free tailor-made plan where you can tell us your ideas, objectives, and goals for the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning into your mobile application. Let’s do this together!

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