Why Should you Hire a Dedicated IT Innovation Team?
New technologies are a crucial part of innovation within a company; they not only provide a competitive advantage over other companies but can help with customer satisfaction and loyalty for your brand. With the recent high growth and investments into technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics and blockchain; if you haven’t already implemented at least one type of new technology into your business, you’re already behind!
The question is “how can I start?”
What an IT Innovation Team can Provide:
It’s no secret that new technologies can be quite daunting: artificial intelligence and machine learning sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie! Studies have shown that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) lag behind when implementing new technologies, simply due to the fact they do not understand how the technology can add value to their business, their capabilities, or even how the technology works. This is where hiring an IT innovation team comes to the rescue! 
Here’s what they can provide:
  1. Experts that understand the technology and are 100% focused on helping you and your business succeed.
  2. Understanding your needs and how to reach your end goal: whether that’s improving your supply-chain management systems using blockchain for efficiency or improving customer satisfaction using AI in chatbots; and everything in between!
  3. Get the confusing “techy-stuff” out of the way – let the IT innovation team do the tech stuff while you focus on your other priorities.
  4. Full transparency – strong communication between you and the IT innovation team, making sure everything is on the right track for receiving a great final product!
  5. Acquire knowledge to help with further innovation + receive unique insights and ideas for your business.
What This Means for You:​
1. Fast Innovation

Implementing new technologies can be a timely process; however, outsourcing an IT innovation teams allows for quick solutions. No need to learn any new programmes or hire specialists that take months to develop results and may not even understand your company’s goals. Outsourcing allows for problems to be solved quickly, while also developing a significant edge over competitors, with unique ideas, fast results and high quality.

Fast innovation = a competitive edge.
2. Save Costs
Don’t waste money or time trying to hire top talent or train new hires! Outsourcing an IT innovation team allows for experts to immediately start working on your initiatives with no time wasted: which can be extremely cost-effective!
3. Fewer Risks
Studies have shown that a significant concern with new technologies is data security, not only for the company but also for their customers. Technology can be tricky and trying to innovate by yourself can get you into some unwanted situations such as data breaches or incursions. Hiring an IT innovation team minimises these risks, with experts providing data security with highly secure systems.
So what are you waiting for? Start innovating your company today!
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