Transforming Your Digital Journey

xEnabler is a product of partnerships between Delivery, Technology and Innovation. Together the team at xEnabler brings over 40 years of combined experiences to deliver best-in-industry projects that go beyond just code and embrace the concept of real-world solutions.

Agile is in our nature.

We work closely with you to understand your challenges and solve them through transformative technology solutions. 

Our proven processes and innovative strategies will enable your growth with an agile and scalable IT framework.

How We Enable

Take a look into process that we use to build efficient, innovative and long-term digital solutions. 

We’re sure that you will get a clear insight on what you can expect during each phase.

  • Introduction

    • Once you get in touch with us, we will schedule an in-depth consultation to understand your objectives and challenges.

    • We will also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and promise to keep your ideas safe. We respect your privacy and intellectual property as much as you do.

    • After the NDA is signed, we will conduct a feasibility analysis to share the next steps of the engagement.
  • Scope and Analysis

    • Once we have understood your requirements, our team of experts will dive into the problem to chart the best course of action.

    • We will give you a detailed roadmap that shares the scope of the engagement and the expected outcome.

    • To formalise the engagement, we culminate this stage with a business proposal that outlines the cost and timeline for the project.
  • Wireframing

    • Wireframing or prototyping is crucial to gain client feedback and fine-tune the UX according to customised requirements.

    • Once you agree with the project scope and outcome, we put our heads together to create a Prototype for your organization in the shortest possible time. This allows us to gain your valuable feedback and refine the product further, if needed.
  • Implementation

    • Once you approve the prototype, we take 4-weeks to implement the first-cut of the perfect solution, following an Agile methodology for efficiency and scalability.

    • We collect feedback and continue testing, delivering a more refined version every 4-weeks until an error-free product is deployed to our satisfaction.
  • Launch & Support

    • As your technology enabling partners, we not only design high-performing and scalable tech solutions to meet your organizational goals, but also provide ongoing support to keep your systems working efficiently.

    • After your product is ready, we help you launch it to the target audience with proper on-boarding and support.

    • We also give you access to an integrated¬†analytics dashboard to get regular insights and feedback from users.

    • Once deployed, our team conducts regular checks and automatically updates your systems to ensure you are always ahead of the curve.