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Book & Ride 

An Uber-style booking service for wheelchair accessible taxis.
A smart, real-time, location-based, centralised booking system for wheelchair accessible taxis in the Sydney metropolitan area, making it easier to secure a ride in a suitable vehicle.
App Challenges
The Challenge
The client came to us with a gap in the market for accessible taxis. Customers would have to call a multitude of accessible taxi providers for availability, have a long wait time, and have no option for advanced bookings or recurring bookings.
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The Solution

Our plan was to create a mobile, accessible and seamless solution with an efficient and market-leading UI. We wished to implement AI and location services to find available rides accessible for wheelchair users.
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The Result

App Results
The final product resulted in a reduction of wait time from 2 hours to 30 minutes for customers. We implemented a system that allows for recurring bookings and up to 30-day advanced bookings. Using AI and location services we were able to locate all available accessible taxis nearest to the customer; creating seamless availability to all with 100% accessibility solutions.
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