Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ever-present in many aspects of life – from face ID on your mobile phone to online shopping recommendations. In the larger scheme of things, AI has the capability to significantly impact the world. Keep reading to find out more! 
Technology is already being implemented into the healthcare industry; however, there is so much more AI can help with especially when it comes to medicine. For example, why give everyone the same medicine when you could be given personalised medicine tailored to your exact genome? With algorithms and data analysis AI can provide the opportunity for healthcare to be customised for each patient according to their genes, lifestyle and enjoinments. For example, personalised cancer treatments that are 100% tailored to the patient’s tumour would increase the effectiveness and create a personalised medicine revolution!
When people think of futuristic technologies one of the first things that come to mind are flying cars. While we aren’t quite there yet – AI will have a large impact on self-driving vehicles! Autonomous cars are already here however, expect them to be omnipresent in the near future. Driverless trains are already running in European cities – and Boeing is creating an autonomous jetliner.
Vital Tasks​
AI could be used to help individuals stay more independent for longer – which will be beneficial for older or disabled people. AI-enabled tools could help with reaching objects, mowing lawns, household cleaning and even bathing and hygiene. Other jobs that may have repetitive or dangerous tasks may also benefit from AI technology – for example, mining or handling radioactive materials.
Tackling Climate Change
A big concern for the future is climate change. The more information we have the better we can address climate change. AI can help with this using its processing data to better track weather patterns, income natural disasters, and climate predictions. These forecasts give decision-makers precise data to make better-informed decisions that could possibly reverse signs of climate change. Carbon emission can also be tracked -allowing companies to be held accountable for their carbon footprint which may encourage reduced emissions.
On a lighter note, the future could provide some captivating entertainment options. For example, with AI implementation a completely custom movie could be created just for you by selecting genres and virtual actors of your choice! Additionally, predictive programs can analyse film scripts and forecast their potential reducing the number of movie flops!
Preparing for the Future of AI
Unlike the movies, AI isn’t going to take over the world and destroy humankind overnight– the technological changes will gradually be implemented to work alongside us. We probably will not even notice how much AI has helped us until a decade or two later!

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