With more than a million apps on AppStore and Google Play Store, there is plenty of competition in the mobile world. Reaching to your customers on mobile is a race that every business is participating in. It is not a surprise that there are many ways of achieving this goal.

Choosing the right solution that can suite your business can be very difficult as a result of this complexity. There are various articles on how one approach is better than the other with their complex technical details. However, for businesses it still remains a challenge to decide on one approach over another.

At the same time, technologists struggle to justify their decision to the business. It is true that relating technical correctness to business correctness is a hard task. Here is our attempt to give some guidelines to this struggle. It should benefit businesses as well as technologists.

Create a solution that is right for your customers.

People often take a path which fits right for their business. I am not against it. You know your business better than others and therefore you know what is right for your business.

However, you should also ask, is it the correct solution for your customers as well? Remember if the solution is not right for your customer it can never be right for your business in long term. You can be assured about that with the current competition, your customers will easily churn to other providers.

Don’t try to be Facebook, if you are not

It is always good to know your limits. In terms of strength, budget, time, or whatever. I often find myself discussing with client for a feature they liked on a particular app that they want on their app. In most cases it is possible to do it.

However, in some cases, getting a feature right requires changes to the core system or very complex development. Remember, it is good to do simple thing that works perfectly than doing complex thing that doesn’t work.

Do prototype

This relates to a principle of failing quickly, failing often. With most of the new development environment, creating a prototype is possible and easy. Take advantage of it and create prototypes whenever possible.

It is good to know a failure before it is too late. If you are not sure of a feature see if it has been done before. If not, do a prototype, have a play.

Make sure that it looks good on your solution as well. Make sure that it can be achieved within time and budget.

Do a market run

With too many devices in market, it is impossible to create a test environment in house which can test your solution on all of them. Community testers, friends and colleagues are always a good way to test a solution before you release it out.

Do iterations, take your solution to outsiders as many time as possible. Get feedback, listen to them and change accordingly.

Do execute

I have often seen businesses with lots of plan but very little action. Don’t be the one who thought of doing something but never did. At most it can fail and you will learn lots of lessons.

There is always a next time.

At xenabler, we are currently helping our customers prepare for the change by enabling their solution to be available on all devices including wearable, smart home solutions and new age IoT devices. Together, we are using technology as a driving force to achieve a better, broader solution that can improve usefulness of current products tenfold.

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