Product development is a headache for most product owners, especially when it’s way past its scheduled arrival time to market.
Many product owners complain when product development takes long to complete, and rightfully so. The time it takes to launch your product may be slow due to:
● Riskiness
New products come with a world of uncertainty, from getting production right to introducing new products to your customers. If they don’t like the product, the company has to absorb the investment without any returns.
● Extra cost
A product market and development strategy can be expensive. Even if the product is launched successfully, you will still face considerable expenses before bringing in any significant revenue.
However, one doesn’t have to wait so long to launch your product. xEnabler helps their client to launch their initial idea to the market within six months. Meanwhile, we analyse what features can be useful for the final product.
xEnabler follows these stages for successful product development.
1. Signing the NDA
Afraid to share your creative ideas with the world? An NDA (also known as a confidentiality agreement) can help with that. The agreement is a legal contract used to protect sharing of sensitive information between two parties.
This is the first step in our process. One can be sure that confidential information and trade secrets will be safe after signing the agreement.
2. Analysis of requirements
In this step, xEnabler determines user expectations for new or modified products. These features must be as quantifiable, relevant and detailed as possible.
3. Defining the scope

Identifying the scope is the initial phase of the project planning process. It typically involves drawing up a list of everything needed to create the framework of the project. Common considerations include:

  • Project goals
  • Deliverables
  • Features
  • Functions
  • Tasks
  • Deadlines
  • Costs
4. Defining the scope of the MVP
The minimum viable product (MVP) is a basic version of the final product. It covers the product’s fundamental components and features that satisfy the needs of the end-users. xEnabler defines essential features and components in a scope document. This document supports the software development cycle to launch the product within six months. 
a] UX and prototype design
The Design phase models the way a software application will work. Some aspects of the design include architecture, the user interface, platforms, and programming languages. How the application interacts with other assets and its security are also part of design considerations.
Prototyping can be a part of the design phase. A prototype is an early version of the product that demonstrates how the finished product will look and work. This design can be shown to stakeholders and used to seek feedback to improve the application.
b] Development
This is the actual writing of the program. A small project might be written by a single developer, while a large project might be broken up and worked by several teams. Source Code Management applications are used in this phase to help developers track code changes and ensure compatibility between team projects.
c] Testing
Testing is done to ensure that each function works correctly. Different parts of the application are tried to ascertain that they work seamlessly together and that the entire system works perfectly.
The testing phase helps reduce the number of bugs and glitches that users encounter. This leads to higher user satisfaction and a better usage rate.
d] Launch the MVP
The application is now ready to be made available to users. Many companies prefer to automate the deployment phase. The launch can be as simple as a payment portal and download link on the website or a smartphone.
5. Gathering feedback from users and enhancing the product
While developing the MVP, xEnabler constantly analyses the business requirements and users’ feedback to refine features and components. This is used to enhance the MVP to the final product. 
xEnabler helps you to shorten your product time to market by streamlining the entire development process. You no longer have to wait for production to end – you can launch your MVP and improve on it to make the final product.
Our process of Simplify. Align. Enable. can turn your complex, high-maintenance IT products into IT assets that are simple to manage, aligned with your business goals, and enables you to stay ahead in the competition.

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