If you are reading this, then the chances are that you already have a mobile application, and you are worried about the update frequency. While investing in a mobile app, the thought behind the investment is to attract new users and improve customer satisfaction. However, both of these are constant and are achieved with regular app updates, improved app relevancy, and the latest technology features. Here, we talk about five key reasons for updating your mobile app regularly.

1. OS Updates

One of the major reasons for updating your mobile application is software or hardware updates. Whenever the operating system of a device is updated, you have to change your application to match the specifications. This update becomes extremely important if OS changes interfere with the interface and functionalities of your application.

Additionally, it is necessary to observe any changes or updates in the applications which are interacting with your application. For instance, Google Pay, Apple Maps, etc. With updates in these applications, you are required to change your interface to ensure seamless integration.

Other than this, when mobile manufacturers change their hardware, app updates creep in. You are required to release relevant updates to complement the hardware changes adopted by mobile manufacturers.

2. Improved UX

Do you ever wonder why tab bars are so in trend?

This is because when you are holding your smartphone, you can reach the tabs with your thumb. These are easy to navigate and effortless to operate. Users like simple, hassle-free experience. Isn’t it?

Based on the user feasibility and UX trends, you have to keep updating your app. While the changes should be in favor of user convenience, these should not be major. It is because UX changes are not like application bugs. These won’t hinder the functioning or lead to app uninstalls, but these changes matter as they remove slight annoyances. For example, images of different sizes.

3. Bug Fixes

Even your car requires maintenance every three months, right? Then, why not your mobile application.

No matter how many times you test your application, there are always some minor glitches that you have to remove at a later stage. You have to quickly swoop in and resolve these issues as soon as you find it.

4. User Feedback

Every developer should understand that the work on your mobile app doesn’t end with the sale. It is a consistent effort triggered by consistent user feedback. Your users are capable of making you realize the importance of your application’s features. By listening to your users, you can understand the true potential of your mobile app. Don’t ignore the negative publicity. Listen to it and make amends. This is only possible if you release regular updates. Otherwise, the users will keep having the same issues, and you will observe a high drop-out rate.

5. Stay Relevant

There are millions of mobile applications, and a single person uses many of these apps. If you are not offering anything different or if you are not relevant, they will move on to something else.

Mobile app updates are a good way of reminding your customers that you care. You can simply send a notification after updates to remind your users that you are there and you care. However, it is necessary to remember that the changes should be hard to notice but still relevant. Your user should not face issues while accessing your app after the update.

It is interesting to note that both Google and Apple look for mobile apps that offer regular updates to users. This is especially true if you pair your updates with OS launches. The sooner your app adjusts to new changes, the more relevant you become.


The success or failure of your application is not dependent on the number of downloads; it is dependent on how well you maintain your mobile app over time. You have to consistently connect with your users to encourage them to keep coming back. This is only possible if you keep updating your application regularly.

At xenabler, we are currently helping our customers prepare for the change by enabling their solution to be available on all devices including wearable, smart home solutions and new age IoT devices. Together, we are using technology as a driving force to achieve a better, broader solution that can improve usefulness of current products tenfold.

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