Recently, incidents across the world showed us that there is a strong need to get more sensitive and compassionate about others. This holds true for many of our apps as well. Mobile devices have so many sensors that can give us contextual information about users. However, only a handful of apps actually utilise this information to improve user experience and increase their resilience against network and quality disruptions. With AI and IoT, this is about to change.

Mobile phones can sense changes in network condition, user location, ambiance, altitude, heading direction, movement, proximity and usage patterns. Effectively utilising this information, apps can provide a ubiquitous and seamless experience to user across network and service disruption.

With increase of IoT, AI and ML, use of these secondary information will become necessary to provide user experience that user will expect. Apps that do not provide contextual and useful information will soon be outdated and loose large customer base. However, effective use of these technologies can give better understanding of user behaviour and help companies provide a solution that is personalised and reliable.

At xenabler, we are currently helping our customers prepare for the change by enabling their solution to be available on all devices including wearable, smart home solutions and new age IoT devices. Together, we are using technology as a driving force to achieve a better, broader solution that can improve usefulness of current products tenfold.

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