Many businesses are thinking about setting up a chatbot but the hardest part is to understand how you can transition your business to be a chatbot enabled business. So, let’s follow through the steps of migrating from a traditional business to a chatbot enabled business.

Identify automation areas

Identify key areas that you want to automate via chatbot. This can be lead generation, customer support, IT help desk, HR or anything else. Having a clear understanding of an area of automation and expected outcome can really help a lean transition and to learn, do and revise in quick iterations.

Start with one, well defined task.
Change is best managed when broken down in milestones and started small. Introducing a chatbot into a business is no different, so define one particular task to automate and its expected outcomes to measure it. This way your chatbot can deliver one end to end function that is usable, measurable and quickly achievable.
Start with scripted responses

AI can be a bit overwhelming to understand and can confuse businesses to take advantage of. So an easier way is to start ia by creating a script based chatbot. This may not provide huge benefits but it will help the business to understand how customers are actually interacting with chatbot and where script is generating results as well as where it is falling short.

Add some AI

Once you have a script based chatbot up and running, you are now ready to measure and automate parts of it to improve its accuracy and automating some meaningful functions that can provide value to users such as understanding language and intents. Linking these intents to desired user flows and actions can provide an experience that people like and use more often.


Many businesses make a mistake of keeping a chatbot separated from their internal business operations. This can result in a shallow and broken experience for users. The key is to integrate chatbot with your systems. For example, it can provide stock availability for a part that user is looking for or it can set up an appointment based on your calendar or answer user queries based on your knowledge base. This can enhance user experience and reduce load on front end staff.

Be patient

Chatbot is a very big change in the way a business conducts its operations. This can take time to be useful and create desired outcome. Therefore, create measurable goals and track them time to time and keep revising. A working chatbot can be delivered in 6 weeks but it takes a few months of revisions before you start seeing its benefits in your business. So continuous development and revision is the key to make it a success story for your business.

Collect Customer Feedback

Feedback is important to assess the performance of your chatbot. Try to collect user feedback after every interaction so that you can incorporate changes and improvements in the chatbot. Also use analytics and reports to understand user behavior and effectiveness of chatbot.

Outcomes of chatbot

So, what results can this hard work produce? Here are some states from our customers who have gone on this journey with us to give you some idea.

Kalptaru Group (Real Estate)
  • 75% troubleshooting problems resolved via chatbot
  • 4 mins saved per call
  • 500 leads generated
Symphony Air Cooler
  • 98000 conversations handled in a year
  • $1,037,000 in a deal value achieved
  • 70 leads generated per week
McQueen Automotive
  • 437 more calls attended in a day
  • 2.8 mins saved per call
  • 2.1 NPS score increased

Chatbot is ready to generate more business and make your company more efficient, so when you are hiring your digital employee? Take a look at WotNot to see how our chatbot for your business will look and interact with the end users.

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