xenabler is a service that modernizes and turbocharges organizations by offering a vast range of innovative and high-functioning technological solutions to their problems.

The co-founder, Prashant Gami, whose roles involve technical leadership and keeping the company on the right track, was interviewed by TopDevelopers.
He outlined the company’s beginning, its vision, how unique what makes it tick is, and why it’s thriving.

xenabler began as a distinctive halfway point between in-house and offshore teams that enabled organizations to have all the benefits of an in-house development team. xenabler aims to keep organizations up to date in the competitive tech-industry where it is so easy to get overtaken, and does this by completely revolutionizing their customers’ operations with cutting edge software.

Their biggest achievement in the industry, according to Prashant, is “a suite of mobile apps that are used by Smarter City Australia to provide end to end parking solutions. These include a pay-by-app solution, a compliance solution for parking rangers, and virtual permit solutions that are used by the council to manage permits via app”.

xenabler aims to fully understand their client’s unique needs and expected business outcomes. The company applies their unique ‘Simplify. Align. Enable.’ framework to ensure that their technical solutions match their clients’ existing business requirements, but also enable simple and easy future business expansions.

When it comes to choosing between Native and hybrid apps for business progression, Prashant says that both have their place in mobile development. It depends on business requirement, and xenabler examines target audience size, workflows, audience demography, and application features at length in order for the decision on technology choice to be well-informed. There is no bias against cross-platform or native as the company is well-versed in both. The decision is solely based on what is right for the business.

Prices are fixed hourly, and requirements analyses are carried out at the beginnings of projects in order to estimate the project and be sure by 30% variance. Often a client requires on-hire resources, which are charged by the hour and are based on skill and location.
The mobile apps that xenabler develops can:
  • Increase client reach and provide user experience.
  • Achieve better strategic alignment with business strategy and reduce technical debt.
  • Achieve better return on investment by on time and continuous delivery of solutions.
Prashant states that the best practice to satisfy clients is honesty, especially when things go awry. Honesty with the client is key, but so is honesty within the team as it boosts productivity and teamwork.

To keep up with technological advancements, xenabler embraces change as a continuous process. They are a group of learners who keep on learning and applying.

On AR, VR, and Internet of things, Prashant said, “Industry 4.0 technologies like AR, VR, and IoT has given the boost to mobile apps allowing them to serve users in a more personalized and powerful way. Especially, creating user experience that is easy to use and get personalized. It has also created significant difference for users who could not get benefit from traditional way of interaction with technology.”

Finally, Prashant is of the mind that mobile technology is en route to expanding beyond just phones to an ecosystem of devices that are connected. This will help users to connect with different forms of technology. They will push existing borders, and xenabler is riding the wave of innovation and looks forward to what the future holds.

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