Plug and play gaming utility for NFT communities.
A world for gaming utilities that can be tied to NFT communities seamlessly, providing instance utility for your NFTs.
App Challenges
The Challenge
In an NFT world, there wasn’t a use case that worked over multiple NFTs that can be shared and ownership can be managed. The utility needed to connect two NFTs in a contract that provides a community setup, management and gaming utility.

The Solution

We created a smart contract that allows NFT community members to set up an account that merges RacerClub NFT with their NFT to create a combined smart contract. This allows them to provide instant gaming utility to their community and share the value appreciation with their NFT and RacerClub NFT.
App Results

The Result

  • Created a sart contract that merges two different types of NFTs.
  • Connected NFT based authenticated access to the gaming utility.
  • Created a web platform for easy management of the community and administration.
  • Wallet and NFT monitoring to notice change of NFT ownership and access.

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